Layout-Previz-Stereo Artist

Kenneth Wiatrak

Kenneth Wiatrak

Layout /Previz Artist/Stereo Artist, Lighting Artist

Live Action Director of Photography

Visual Effects Supervisor

MoCap Blending Artist


Phone: (818) 425-8310

Layout/Previz/stereo Reel:

Live Action Reels:      




Oakland University, BA, Chinese Language & Civilization

University of Michigan, School of Art, BFA, Filmmaking and Photography.




Jason Fairley, Stereo Supervisor, Dr. D. Studios.

Stuart Willis, Stereo Production Supervisor, Dr. D. Studios.

Carolyn Soper, Producer, Rocket Pictures.

Gerard DiNardi, Producer.

Greg Emerson, Production Coordinator (818) 823-6711

Fred Sayeg, Director,

Mitchell Cohen, Producer,


(Additional references available upon request)




  • Proficiency in Maya, MotionBuilder, Nuke, Mocha, AfterEffects, Premiere, 3dMD Stereo Reconstruction Systems, Photoshop, Linux, Muse
  • Lecturer on Visual Effects: the International School of Film and Television, San Antonio de las Banas, Cuba.  Cinematography Mentor: International Academy of Film and Television, Burbank, California.
  • Member: International Cinematographer's Guild, The Animation Guild.


Professional History


2014 Previz Artist,  “Untitled Amblin Entertainment Project”, The Third Floor.


Prepared animated previz scenes, using MoCap data and key frame animation, for the director to lens with virtual cameras.  Software: Maya, Motionbuilder, proprietary tools.


2012-2013 Stereo Artist, Stereo D, LLC.  “Iron Man 3”, “Star Trek”, “GI Joe”, “Pacific Rim”, “R.I.P.D”, “47 Ronin”


In Nuke and proprietary software, we use compositing depth sculpting techniques to create pleasing stereo images from conventionally shot 2D motion pictures.


2011 Layout Artist, “Gravity”; Rising Sun Pictures.


 Working in Maya to layout all-CGI Stereo Visual Effects shots/scenes.  Taught class to staff on Stereo Principles


2011 Lead Stereo Lensing Artist, “Happy Feet 2”; Dr. D Studios.


Working in Maya and Nuke, set stereo cameras to create a consistent and pleasing immersive 3D experience.  Lead team of similar artists; mentored new artists.


2010 – 2011 Stereo Artist, “The Last Airbender”, “Gulliver’s Travels”, “Thor”, “Green Hornet”, “Captain America”, “Jackass 3d”; Stereo D, LLC.


 Convert 2D Motion Pictures to 3D Motion Pictures using Nuke, Mocha and proprietary software.


2009 Previz Artist, “The Thing”, Proof Inc.


Worked with director and supervisor to create and animation to plan and explain the director’s vision.  Worked in Maya.


2008-2009 Rought Layout Artist, “Shrek 4”, Dreamworks Animation


Work from story board, director’s and layout supervisor’s notes to block out character and stereoscopic camera movements and compositions.  Working in Maya.  Create temp lighting and effects.  Rig models for props and vehicle interaction.


2008 Layout Artist, “The Wild Bunch”, Animation Lab.


 Develop Pre-viz/Layout pipeline for feature film.  Work with director to block out 3D character and camera movements.  Manage Layout team.  Working in Maya.


2007-2008 Layout Artist, MoCap Blend Artist, Lighting Artist,  “FoodFight”, Threshold Entertainment.


Work from storyboards and directors notes to block out 3D character and camera movements for animated feature film.  Additionally did motion blending for MoCap animation for primary characters.  Working in Maya and MotionBuilder.


2006 3D Layout Artist, “Opus”, Tuxedo Films.


Work from storyboards and directors notes to block out 3D character and camera movements for animated feature film.  Working in Maya.


2005 Cinematics Artist/Animator, “And One Streetball” Basketball Video Game.  Black Ops Entertainment, Santa Monica, California.


Created cinematics (non-interactive sequences) for game produced for Ubisoft.  Laid out characters and cameras in 3D environments.  Created key frame animation, cleaned up and blended Motion Capture data, applied data to characters and blended/modified data to create motion for cinematic sequences.  Working in MotionBuilder and 3DSMax


2004 Pre-Vizualization Artist, Walt Disney Television Animation, Burbank California.


 Did pre-visualization studies for TVA.  Created 3D assets in Maya and  layouts in MotionBuilder.


2004 Previz Artist-Live Action Director of Photography, Disney Special Projects.  “Mary Poppins, The Cat Who Talked to a King”.


Worked with director Peter Schneider to create a 3D pre-visualization for the live-action intro and epilogue to bonus scenes starring Julie Andrews.  Then shot the live-action as Director of Photography.  Used MotionBuilder and Maya.  Applied and blended MoCap animation.


2002-2004 Director of Photography/Pre-viz Artist, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Burbank, California.


Did previz studies for 3D Animation Pre-visualization/Layout pipeline for “Rapunzel Unbraided”. Used MotionBuilder, Maya, MoCap Data.


Directed high definition digital cinematography & high resolution array still photography for facial motion capture and expression capture efforts of the Gemini & Princess research projects.


1996-Present  Director of Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor: Wiatrak Films, North Hollywood, California.


Design, direction and production of Computer Animation, Graphics, Visual Effects and Live Action Projects for film, television and advertising.


Owner of a 3dMD based photogrametric modeling system modified to deliver higher resolution than the standard photogrametric modelers.


Clients include: Walt Disney Feature Animation, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Dentsu Advertising-Tokyo, Universal Studios, CBS Studios, NBC Studios,  Panasonic Corporation Hakuhodo Agency, Tokyo Disney Land, Metrolight Studios, New Line Cinema, Lacsa Airlines, KNBC Television, KCAL Television, Capitol Records, NTT Corporation-Tokyo, Mitsubishi Motor Cars, Paramount Studios.


During the same period, Mr. Wiatrak was also served as staff director/cameraman and consultant for the following organizations:


1998-2000 Staff Director/Director of Photograph/Visual Effects Supervisor:  Rainmaker Digital Pictures, Burbank, California.


Responsible for design, direction, production and photography for Computer Animation, Computer Graphics, Digital Visual Effects and Live Action projects for the Computer Animation and Effects Division of Rainmaker Entertainment of Canada.


 Clients include Toyota, Dentsu, ASC Games, the Arias Foundation, ABC Studios, L2 Communications/IMAX Corp..


1993-96 Staff Director/Director of Photograph/Visual Effects Supervisor: Academy & Emmy Award Winning MetroLight Studios, Los Angeles, California.


Computer Animation, Graphics and Visual Effects with Live Action /Visual Effects Projects for feature films and commercials.


 Clients: Warner Brothers Studios, New Line Cinema, Panasonic Corporation, Chrysler Mexico, BBD&O Mexico, Hyundai Corporation, Diamond Advertising Inc., CBS Studios.