Layout-Previz-Stereo Artist

Kenneth Wiatrak

Reel Breakdown


  • I was the Layout/Previz Artist on all the shots on this reel.
  • On the Opus footage I did the layout and created the background and scenic assets.  It was more of a previz job.
  • I worked on "Shrek Forever" for 11 months as a Rough Layout Artist.  I did all the shots on this reel.  A few show another artist's name as the DWA render system burns in whoever rendered the shot whether they worked on it or not.
  • On the film, "Foodfight", character animation was done using MoCap data.  As one of the layout artists I used, blended and manipulated the MoCap/Character animation in addition to the usual Layout camera animation and simple character blocking.  Hand and Facial animation was added later by other artists.