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What Clients Say

Ken is amazing! I found him on craigslist (which can be iffy) and as luck would have it I saw some of his work and realized I found a true professional. Ken has a great eye; his work is sharp and he can really make you look incredible. He took the time to really look at my face to find which angle and light worked best for me and he was so patient and clear when giving me instruction. He took so many great shots, it was hard to choose. He was very professional and gave awesome tips when it came to choosing which ones to retouch. Ken is a consummate professional and his over 30 years of experience shines through. He is kind, made me feel so at ease, and made me look fantastic. Ken is a true gem.

Erin R. (Model Headshot)


Ken is great ! I went in got hair and makeup and 5 looks for a really affordable price! He definitely is passionate about his work and isn't just trying to take photos and get you out of there. We were very time efficient also. Loved how my photos came out ! I could have not ask for it to have gone any better! Definitely would use him if you're looking to get some great photos!

Alexis R. (Actress/Singer Headshot)


I spent a whole day working on a photo shoot with Ken. First off, he is super nice, professional, has been working in the industry for years. You get the best of the best, most patient man and delivers amazing work. He goes above and beyond, we scouted for locations, then we went to the studio where he took his time to review over 1,100 photos, to discuss them and their creative value.   Made a lifelong client out of me, and will use him for all of my photoshoot needs for business, personal. He has an incredible sense of humor, never judges your decisions and always rolls with the punches. We improvised, took an uber around town, and I never felt rushed.  Don't settle with third rate photographers, deal with the BEST, and the best is Ken Wiatrak!

Kevin T.  (Actor Headshot)


Ken was amazing! He really invested a lot in making my pictures the very best they could be. Ken is so easy to work with, but I recommend him to my friends because I know they'll be impressed with the quality of his work.

Matthew A. (Actor Headshot)


I really enjoyed shooting with Kenneth. He has a vision and his images are more than quick snaps, with depth and quality. I'd highly recommend his services to all who are looking to get amazing images. He is easy to work with as well.

Ania S. (Actress/Model Headshot)


"I had the pleasure to work with Ken after my manager introduced me to him. I needed new headshots and got exactly what I wanted. Ken knows exactly how to capture your face to bring out the look that you are looking for. He is very professional, doesn't lose time, knows exactly what he needs to do to bring out the best of your facial features on camera. That is why he asks for a few photos before you even go in there. He will analyze your facial features and the day of the shoot, he right away knows which angles to shoot you from to get the best out of you. He is also super friendly so by the end of the shoot which didn't last more than 2 hours, you feel like you've been good friends for a long time. Thank you again Ken, for your talent and your professionalism !"

Tamas M.  (Actor Headshot)


Ken is a well trained photographer. He has a very good eye for the look that is right for you. His background options are amazing. His concern is for the photo and the person behind it. Ken does very well at taking his time to bring the "YOU" into the photo. Whether it is trying to crack a funny joke or telling you to give me that serious look, Ken has what it takes to make the job happen. Ken's studio when you arrive may not look like a whole lot but don't let looks deceive you, there is history behind everything and a "mind of a master photographer" behind Ken. 100% Recommended to all Actor's and others.

Josh B. (Actor Headshot)


"Thanks so much Ken – You were great to work with.

The pictures came out so much better than I expected. When we discussed what the pictures would be used for you really understood and took time to make sure that the lighting came out well.  Thanks so much again – I will be referring you!!!"

Guy S.  (Corporate Portrait)

Kenneth Wiatrak is a Los Angeles based Portrait Photographer and a Film Director of Photography.


Wiatrak spent years filming actors for the major networks, shot dozens of commercials, music videos and feature films including projects for Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount and Blumhouse Productions.  Additionally, he was staff Director/Cameraman for Visual Effects houses, Rainmaker Digital, L.A. and Metrolight Studios.


"Not to get too poetic but a portrait should give you a glimpse of the person's  strength, their beauty, their humanity.  Not just a recording of their features.


"If a stranger looks at your portrait and thinks, “I get this person.  I know what they're feeling, what they're about", then I 've done my job.


His clients have included: Walt Disney Feature Animation, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Disney Theme Park Productions, Dentsu Advertising-Tokyo, Universal Studios, CBS Studios, NBC Studios,  Panasonic Corporation Hakuhodo Agency, Tokyo Disney Land, Metrolight Studios, New Line Cinema, Lacsa Airlines, KNBC Television, KCAL Television, Capitol Records, NTT Corporation-Tokyo, Mitsubishi Motor Cars, Hyundai Motors, Toyota Corporation, Paramount Studios.

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